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So what Else is Inspector Gadgit working on?

Husle EveryDay is available on Amazon & Itunes and soon the Play Store as well.

Well i'm working on my mixtape called Ambition it's going to be a 7 track mixtape.

I have two other songs that will be releasing by the end of the year and the video for Husle EveryDay is being shot right now and is due to drop early next year.   

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Who Is Inspector Gadgit And Where Is He From? 

Inspector Gadgit is an upcoming artist from the streets of Jamaica and the USA. Born in St, Ann his love for music since at a young age for Hip Hop Reggae Rap R&B and his favorite Jazz. Has inspired him to take the stage and give the world some jewels. Growing up in the tuff streets of Miami Fort Lauderdale, New York & AtL, and now touring back home in Jamaica Inspector Gadgit has a lot to teach the people he started from nothing in a poor country town, But we wanted for nothing my family stuck together and worked hard and made it to the usa. Were we thought things would be better and it was just not as we thought, We then just realized that we now have to start all over again, being new in a new country esp in the early 80's was not easy I quickly learned the ropes and fell in love with music from Djing to Studio Engineering i also love cars have been building race cars since a small age with my uncle and dad i loved the art of freestyling and have been for years from back in the day in New York on the block with some who are now famous people always told me i should go perform but in was more of a hobby for me at the time i was into building cars so much and learning how to race them, but i always still kept doing my music for years like home work. As i'm much older now and feel more refined i have decided to take all my friends up on the offer and take it to the world my brother R.I.P June and Dre Day & Big Boy them always told to be that star i am inside so world let me show u what i have to offer.     

Stay Tuned For The Mix  Tape Ambition 

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